PROGRESS welcomes ICASSP 2022

Dates: May 22 and 23, 2022

Thank you to Google for being a sponsor to PROGRESS!

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PROGRESS is designed with a major focus to promote diversity in Signal Processing specifically for students from underrepresented minority groups and women in signal processing.

Graduate, and undergraduate students, and postdoctoral researchers, interested in academic careers will be able to ask questions and find valuable resources as they pursue a successful vocation in academia. What does it take to be successful? How do you find the best position? Why would you choose this vocation?

Attend PROGRESS and discover what a career in academia can offer you.

Is this your first time attending PROGRESS? You will experience a unique environment, inspiring talks, Q&A sessions, and professional development sessions to discuss success in academic careers.

Is this your second time attending PROGRESS? You will experience a new and different design of the program with new speakers and follow-up sessions, new professional development activities, and often staged interviews. In follow-up sessions, you will gain additional information complementing what you learned in previous PROGRESS events.

Applicants should upload the following materials

  • CV: Applicant's CV (optional for undergraduate students)
  • Statement: A brief statement detailing your intent to apply for a Professional Development Grant, in addition to your experience, career plans, and what you expect to gain from participating in the PROGRESS Workshop.
The deadline for submitting an application is May 18, 2022

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Registration will be free for students who have registered for ICASSP 2022. In this case, you still need to fill out the application form, and please acknowledge that you registered for ICASSP 2022 in the form. The registration for those who are awarded a Professional Development Grant will be also waived. To apply for the development grant, please highlight your intent in the application form.