PLEN-3: Sameena Shah: Building AI in Industry

All times are Alaska Daylight Time (UTC -8)
Friday, 17 September, 11:15 - 12:15 (Alaska Daylight Time, ADT, UTC -8)
Sameena Shah Managing Director
AI Research, JPMorgan


Building AI in Industry

Dr. Sameena Shah has built AI technologies to transform financial services, journalism, operations and legal industries. In this talk, she will share how key learnings from her experience. Specially, she will shed light on how we need to transition from thinking about specific algorithms to eventual customer of AI. This leads to thinking about AI in conjunction with human interactions, domain expertise, data and technology.

Sameena Shah Sameena Shah is a Managing Director in AI Research group at JPMorgan. She is a highly accomplished technology leader with over 20 years of educational and industry experience in engineering, AI, and leading development teams that created top AI technologies in the world for financial, news, commodities and legal businesses.

Previously, Sameena was Managing Director, Head of Data Science at S&P Global Ratings where she led the firm’s strategy and development for Augmented Intelligence. Prior to that, Sameena worked at Thomson Reuters for seven years in roles of increasing responsibility that involved building state of the art AI systems resulting in business growth and operational efficiencies. Sameena is also the Founder and CEO of Aylan Analytics LLC, and has worked at Yahoo! Research, a NYC based hedge fund, an International hedge fund, and a global startup.

Sameena has a PhD in Distributed Machine Learning and a Masters in Computer Science from IIT Delhi. She is the winner of the top PhD in the country award, Cloudera top AI/ML application award, several best paper awards and recognitions. She has contributed 41 Publications, and 11 Patents.