WS-1: NaturalScience.Careers - Self-presentation & Networking

All times are Alaska Daylight Time (UTC -8)
Saturday, 18 September, 04:00 - 07:30 (Alaska Daylight Time, ADT, UTC -8)


Dr. Karin Bodewits Co-founder & Owner, NaturalScience.Careers


Self-presentation & networking

Do you seem to miss every chance to network? Or do you have the feeling you can’t keep the conversation going or can’t even start it in the first place? No matter if you answer one of those questions with a clear “yes” or you simply have the feeling that you could perfect your self-presentation skills, then this workshop might be just right for you! From the first impression you leave, the conversation that follows to a successful or friendly follow-up… we will cover it during this seminar.